1 verb
1 MOVE ALONG (I) to move along putting one foot in front of the other: We must have walked ten miles today.
(+ along/around/up etc): How long does it take to walk into town? | walk down the street | walk back/home: Marcus and I walked back through the park. | walk up to/walk over to (=to go towards someone or something): She just walked up to him and slapped his face.
2 WALK ACROSS A PLACE (T) to walk in order to get somewhere, across a particular area or distance: I parked the car and walked the rest of the way.
3 walk the dog to take a dog for a walk: Grandma's out walking the dog.
4 walk sb home/to school etc to walk somewhere with someone to make sure that they are safe: It's late - I'll walk you home.
5 go walking to walk for pleasure and exercise, especially in the countryside: Rhys and I went walking in Snowdonia last summer.
6 walk it spoken
a) to make a journey by walking: If the last bus has gone, we'll have to walk it.
b) BrE to succeed or win something easily: We thought it would be a tough match but in fact we walked it, winning 5 - 0.
7 walk free to leave a court of law without being punished or sent to prison: the case of a teenage vandal who walked free from court
8 walking pace the speed that you normally walk at
9 walk tall to be proud and confident because you know that you have not done anything wrong
10 walk on eggs/eggshells to treat someone very carefully because they easily become very angry
11 HEAVY OBJECT (T) to move a heavy object slowly by moving first one side and then the other
12 walk the plank
a) to be forced to walk along a board laid over the side of the ship until you fall off into the sea
b) AmE informal to be dismissed from your job
13 walk on air to feel extremely happy
14 walk sb off their feet BrE to make someone tired by making them walk too far
walk away phrasal verb (intransitive + from)
1 to leave a bad situation, instead of trying to make it better: You can't just walk away from 15 years of marriage!
2 to come out of an accident or very bad situation without being harmed: Miraculously both drivers walked away unscathed.
walk away with sth phrasal verb to win something easily: She knew all the answers and walked away with the prize. walk in phrasal verb (I, T)
1 to enter a building or room especially unexpectedly or without being invited: You can't just walk in here whenever you feel like it! | walk in the door: I walked in the door and caught him at it. | walk in off the street (=visit someone such as a doctor without having previously arranged to see them): People can walk in off the street and get confidential pregnancy counselling.
2 walk in dirt/leaves etc to make mud, leaves etc stick to the floor by walking over it when you have mud, leaves etc on your shoes
walk in on sb phrasal verb (T) to go into a place and interrupt someone who you did not expect to be there: Arriving home early one day, she walked in on her husband and his mistress. walk into sth phrasal verb (T)
1 to hit an object accidentally as you are walking along: walk straight/right/bang etc into: Zeke wasn't looking where he was going and walked straight into a tree.
2 if you walk into an unpleasant situation, you become involved in it without intending to
3 if you walk into a job, you get it very easily: Nowadays you can't expect to leave university and walk into a job.
4 to make yourself look stupid when you could easily have avoided it if you had been more careful: walk straight/right into: You walked right into that one!
walk off phrasal verb (I)
1 to leave someone by walking away from them, especially in a rude or angry way: Don't just walk off when I'm trying to talk to you!
2 (T) if you walk off an illness or unpleasant feeling, you go for a walk to make it go away: Let's go out - maybe I can walk off this headache. | walk off dinner/a meal etc (=go for a walk so that your stomach feels less full)
walk off with sth phrasal verb (T) to take or steal something, especially in a relaxed or confident way: Thieves walked off with two million dollars' worth of jewellery. | Lottery winners can walk off with a cool -18 million. walk over sb phrasal verb (T) to treat someone badly by always making them do what you want them to do: walk all over sb: It's terrible - she lets her kids just walk all over her. walk out phrasal verb (I)
1 to go outside
(+ into): Payton walked out into the cold morning air.
2 to leave a place suddenly, especially because you disapprove of something: Mike walked out after a row with one of his colleagues.
3 to stop working as a protest: The electricians have walked out, and will stay out until their demands are met.
4 walk out (with) old use to have a romantic relationship with someone
walk out on sb/sth phrasal verb (T)
1 to leave your husband, wife etc suddenly: When she was three months pregnant, Pete walked out on her.
2 to stop doing something you have agreed to do or that you are responsible for: “I never walk out on a deal,” Dee said.
walk sth through phrasal verb (T) to practise something: Let's walk through scene two to see how long it takes. | walk sb through sth: I'll walk you through the procedure before you do it on your own. 2 noun
1 (C) a journey that you make by walking, especially for exercise or enjoyment: It's a long walk. Maybe we should get the bus. | go for a walk: “What did you do yesterday?” “Nothing much - I went for a walk in the park.” | take/have a walk: She takes a short walk every day before breakfast. | take sb for a walk: Why don't we take the kids for a walk? | walk to/through/across etc: a short walk through the castle grounds | long/short/five-mile/ten-minute etc walk: I would put on heavy boots and go for long walks.
2 (C) a fixed route 1 (1) that you walk, especially through an attractive or interesting area: There are some particularly interesting walks to the north of the city.
3 (U) the way someone walks: You can often recognize people by their walk.
4 take a walk especially AmE spoken used to rudely tell someone to go away or to stop talking nonsense: “Harry's here to see you.” “Well, tell him to take a walk.”
— see also: walk of life, sponsored walk sponsored

Longman dictionary of contemporary English. 2004.

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